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Checking for Leaks Through Pressure Testing in Claremore, OK

When your plumbing is behaving strangely, the problem’s source may be a leak hidden somewhere you cannot see. Fortunately, AndPro Plumbing and Drain Inc. have the necessary experience and resources to diagnose the issue and pinpoint the leak, if any. We utilize pressure testing in Claremore, OK, to check for leaks in your lines, determine whether you may need line cleaning and more.

A plumbing system’s pressure is much like your body’s blood pressure—if it is too high or too low, something is wrong that must be addressed as soon as possible. Contact our licensed plumbers today to get the answers and any necessary repairs your property needs, including leak patches, shower valve repair, and more.

Understanding Your Plumbing’s Pressure

Pressure testing services are a key part of water leak testing and diagnosing other common issues like slow-filling toilets. It’s important to understand that pressure is a necessary component of plumbing; without it, water would not travel through the pipes. Thus, low pressure creates delivery problems. High pressure, on the other hand, could result in property damage.

For properties on municipal water systems, the pressure between 40 and 60 psi is typically considered normal. If your system is leaking somewhere, our plumbers will note suspicious drops in pressure. To learn more about how we conduct pressure testing, contact us today.